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Butterflies Of The Coeliadinae Family

So Summer is finally approaching in the Northern Hemisphere. Time to look at some beautiful butterflies that mainly occur in the Southern Hemisphere :-). The following butterflies are members of the Coeliadinae family, which in turn is a subfamily of the Hesperiidae. It is not one of the largest subfamilies, with only about 150 known species. The Coeliadinae butterflies still need more study, as they have yet to reveal all their secrets.

Credit : silviareiche.com

Credit : shenaandoahnpvirginia.weebly.com

The parent family of Coeliadinae, Hesperiidae, are also called Skipper butterflies. Their flight is characterised by quick movement. You will find them mostly in neotropical regions of the Earth.

Credit : butterflypix.com

The wings of the butterflies of the Hesperiidae family are usually rounded. They are usually coloured brown or grey. There are currently 3500 known species of skipper butterflies. Their sizes vary, the Giant skipper (as its name implies) is much larger than its cousins of other families.

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