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Black Dogs

Check out Fred Levy’s Black Dogs Project if you want to see more beautiful photos of black (and other) dogs. This image shows the kind Labrador Teddy.


A Belgian Shepherd with lovely long hair. The Belgian Shepherd is a medium-sized dog, with a strong body yet allowing for elegant movements.


The Barbet, with its origins in France, is a friendly dog – and said to be an excellent addition to any caring family.


This handsome dog is a Mudi, a Hungarian breed. They were originally bred to herd cattle. They are versatile and great to have around your farm, especially when you have a rodent problem! They will be most happy when they have plenty of space to run around in.

Butterflies Of The Coeliadinae Family

So Summer is finally approaching in the Northern Hemisphere. Time to look at some beautiful butterflies that mainly occur in the Southern Hemisphere :-). The following butterflies are members of the Coeliadinae family, which in turn is a subfamily of the Hesperiidae. It is not one of the largest subfamilies, with only about 150 known species. The Coeliadinae butterflies still need more study, as they have yet to reveal all their secrets.

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The parent family of Coeliadinae, Hesperiidae, are also called Skipper butterflies. Their flight is characterised by quick movement. You will find them mostly in neotropical regions of the Earth.

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The wings of the butterflies of the Hesperiidae family are usually rounded. They are usually coloured brown or grey. There are currently 3500 known species of skipper butterflies. Their sizes vary, the Giant skipper (as its name implies) is much larger than its cousins of other families.

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Small Wild Cats

Okay so these aren’t actual pets. They are small cats that mostly live in the wild. They are much fiercer than their domesticated cat cousins that we keep as pets. I thought it would be interesting to see how they differ from “regular” cats.

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A North American cat thought to be evolved from the Eurasian (see below) lynx. It has been around for a long time, nearly 2 million years. The Bobcat is active during twilight, however, during the colder seasons it is more active during the day.

Photo : Wikipedia

Eurasian Lynx

Native to Europe and Asia, it is the largest of the lynx species. It can grow to 130 cm in length. Its powerful long legs make it a fast predator. Rabbits, deer, and wild boar are part of its prefered diet.

Photo : Wikipedia

Flat-headed cat

Not a species I was previously familiar with. Perhaps not surprising considering it is endangered, and only shows up in a small region of the world, the Malay Peninsula, Borneo, and Sumatra. As the name implies, it has a flat head, a slender body – and thick fur.

Photo : Wikipedia


Also called “Dwarf Leopard” (its fur resembles that of a Leopard), this wild cat can be found in South America. It prefers living alone, only seeking company when it is time to mate. They are territorial, and will risk their own lives to protect “their” land.

The Parrot As Pet

When thinking about pets, parrots are probably not the first that come to mind. The fact is that since the early 16th century the talking bird has been kept in UK households as a pet.

But the parrot as pet goes back much further. Ancient Roman sources show that the green Indian parrot was considered a fascinating pet, one that was most cherished for its ability to imitate the human voice. They were also praised for their learning aptitude by Roman intellectuals such as Apuleius. Although their propensity to repeat vulgar words was less appreciated.

Parrots require feeding at least once a day. Fresh fruit and vegetables keep the parrot healthy, and happy. Many types of food that humans eat can also be consumed by the parrot. However, do not feed your new pet chocolate or avocado – this can lead to fatality.

When you are ready to purchase a parrot make sure you only select the healthy ones. A good pet shop should only offer healthy birds, but it is worth inspecting the parrot closely to avoid health problems at a later stage. A healthy parrot’s feathers are kept tight against its body, the bird is lively and its eyes are bright. The males and females are identical in many parrot species.

An important thing to consider is that parrots can reach ages that rival an average human. You must be prepared to potentially spend the rest of your life in the company of your new parrot.