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Cute Bunnies

Adorable bunnies that melt your heart every time they look at you with their big sad eyes. Did you know that rabbits are born completely hairless and blind? Most non-domesticated rabbits live underground in burrows. They are excellent pets, and can be trained to use a litter box. They love physical activity, so if you are going to keep them in a pen make sure you include plenty of space with equipment that allows them to exercise. The rabbit’s diet consists mainly of grass, vegetables, and a supply of clean water. Pretty easy to feed!

Aren’t these cute?

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Silly Cat Memes

It is well known that Internet users are fascinated by photos of cats. Many cat-related memes have been created. Here are a few popular ones, and perhaps some that you haven’t seen before.

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If you have any silly cat memes that you want to share let us know in the comments!

The German Shepherd

If you have an active lifestyle then the German Shepherd is an excellent companion. Or perhaps you are looking for a dog to protect your home and family? Again, the German Shepherd is here to assist you. The breed is intelligent, and versatile enough to fulfil many different roles.

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German Shepherds are very protective and loyal to their family. They can be suspicious of strangers coming into your house, but in general are fine to keep with other pets. As mentioned above, this dog does require plenty of exercise both mentally and physically. Also it sheds all year so be prepared to brush your dog’s coat once or twice a week. The breed does suffer from some well known health conditions, their average lifespan is about 12 years.

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The German Shepherd has a double coat, a heavy undercoat, and a dense over coat. Adult males have a height of 60 to 65 cm.