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Dancing Cats

After a more serious post concerning aging dogs, let’s take a look at a bunch of cats dancing.

Credit : i.gse.io

Credit : deskbg.com

Credit : Sandy Schultz (flickr.com)

Credit : meaws.com

There have been quite a few people asking whether cats can dance. The questions they posted online do get some interesting replies. But no, cats can’t actually dance – not the way humans dance.

Have a nice weekend!

The Most Popular Dogs In The UK – Part II

And here is the (belated) part 2 of the most popular dogs in the UK list. Some of these will come as no surprise, whilst others might not be so obvious.

Cocker Spaniel

There are an English and American variant. The breed dates back to the 14th century.

Credit : nextranks.com

Golden Retriever

A golden retriever’s main purpose was to retrieve ducks during a hunt. They are now some of the most popular pets in the world.

Credit : golden-retriever.com

King Charles Spaniel

A royal favourite as well. British and Russian royalty have often owned members of this small dog breed.

Credit : cdn.pcwallart.com

West Highland White Terrier

A Scottish breed, as the name implies. Various ancient Scottish clans have bred the West Highland White Terrier.

Credit : petcollectionworld.com


Often associated with aggression, yet most Bulldogs are kind dogs. Well known for their distinctive appearance.

Credit : people.ucsc.edu

The Bengal Cat

If you’re looking for a cat that hasn’t lost its wild looks, then perhaps you should
take a look at the Bengal cat. They still look like badasses. And unlike many other cat breeds, the Bengal doesn’t mind taking a swim if it feels like it. In general, the Bengal cat is an energetic creature with a healthy dose of curiosity.

Credit : purrfectcatbreeds.com

You can see how related the Bengal cat is to its ancestor, the Asian leopard cat. Some people describe the Bengal as a miniature leopard, and they have a point.

Credit : bengalcatworld.com

The Bengal is actually a hybrid of a domestic cat and a leopard cat. It took quite a few generations before the Bengal cat was properly domesticated. At that point it has lost a large part of its wild temperament, and made it suitable as a pet.

Credit : purrfectcatbreeds.com

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Credit : charcoalbengalcats.com

Fluffy Dogs

Fluffy dogs are, for obvious reasons, popular as pets. There are several fluffy dog breeds that are great pets. The Keeshond is one example, if you like loads of hair on your dogs then this breed will make you a happy person. The Samoyed has a fluffy and dense undercoat, they require frequent brushing though to keep in good shape. Pekingese dogs are certainly fluffy, but their thick coat does require regular inspection since many parasites love hiding underneath it! If you prefer larger dogs, then check out the Tibetan Mastiff. This beast has a beautiful full coat, but beware – it needs plenty of maintenance as well.

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