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Fluffy Dogs

Fluffy dogs are, for obvious reasons, popular as pets. There are several fluffy dog breeds that are great pets. The Keeshond is one example, if you like loads of hair on your dogs then this breed will make you a happy person. The Samoyed has a fluffy and dense undercoat, they require frequent brushing though to keep in good shape. Pekingese dogs are certainly fluffy, but their thick coat does require regular inspection since many parasites love hiding underneath it! If you prefer larger dogs, then check out the Tibetan Mastiff. This beast has a beautiful full coat, but beware – it needs plenty of maintenance as well.

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Hairy Dog Breeds

Quite a few potential dog owners insist on getting a dog that isn’t too hairy. Most complain about the hair certain dog breeds leave all over your house, and some people are actually allergic to the hair. Then there are people who are specifically looking for long haired dog breeds because they love taking care of their hair. Here is a small list of hairy dog breeds.

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The Maltese dog is an excellent choice if you love hairy but clean looking dogs. The Bichon Havanese is a rather scruffy looking dog if you don’t take care of its hair often. But they sure have character! Yorkshire Terriers are small dogs that you can easily take with you, including all their beautiful long hair. The German Keeshond has a wonderful two layer coat of silver and black hair, a medium-sized dog.

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Now if you’d rather have a larger hairy dog breed as companion then the Afghan Hound certainly fits your requirements. It has a thick silky coat and is easily recognisable.