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Sleeping Cats

So it’s 2017, another year has passed. Let’s hope 2017 is a good year for all pets and pet lovers. There are still many improvements to be made concerning the treatment of animals, and we are looking forward to this year improving the health of millions of pets all over the world – especially those that live in terrible circumstances.

My cat wasn’t impressed by the fireworks at all, she slept through the whole ordeal.

The cats below need a long sleep after all those New Year festivities though!

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Have a great New Year!

Dancing Cats

After a more serious post concerning aging dogs, let’s take a look at a bunch of cats dancing.

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Credit : Sandy Schultz (

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There have been quite a few people asking whether cats can dance. The questions they posted online do get some interesting replies. But no, cats can’t actually dance – not the way humans dance.

Have a nice weekend!

Silly Cat Memes

It is well known that Internet users are fascinated by photos of cats. Many cat-related memes have been created. Here are a few popular ones, and perhaps some that you haven’t seen before.

Photo : Blurrent (

Photo : Loved Cats (

Photo : Funny Meme (

Photo : Laugh Spark (

Photo : Imgkid (

Photo : I Like Talking (

If you have any silly cat memes that you want to share let us know in the comments!

Laughing Cats

Didn’t think cats could actually.. laugh? Well here are some photos to prove that they do have the ability to laugh. Though I wonder if some of these photos have had the Photoshop treatment, there are a few that do not look very natural!

Photo : Stuff Point (

Photo : Blogspot (

Nothing fake about this one.

Photo : Ghulmil (

Photo : X Desktop Wallpapers (

Photo : Catnip Daily (