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Birds of Prey

They are magnificent creatures, and are able to spot prey from great distances. Birds of prey include eagles, hawks and falcons.

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The name “eagle” can refer to many different kinds of birds. Over 60 species are known. The white-tailed eagle can have a wingspan of up to 220 cm.

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The hawk is a small-to-medium sized bird of prey with the ability to see beyond the visible colour spectrum into the ultraviolet. Just like female eagles, female hawks are larger than their male counterparts.

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Falcons have light thin wings that allow them to change direction at immense speeds. A certain type of falcon, the peregrine falcon (shown below), has been recorded diving at more than 300 kilometres per hour.

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There are many additional types of birds of prey including ospreys and owls. They all have a common ancestor that split from another group over 40 million years ago.

It is no suprise that these amazing birds are often favourites among bird watchers.