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Common European Birds And Population Decline

Here is a small list of birds commonly found in Europe that have seen their numbers drop. In 2014 a study revealed that bird populations across Europe have been falling dramatically. According to the study there are over 420 million fewer birds in Europe than 30 years ago, which is a startling figure!

The house sparrow suffered the biggest losses, at 147 million.

Photo credit : ibc.lynxeds.com

Photo credit : housesparrow.org

The starling also saw its population decrease.

Photo credit : chirpsandcheeps.com

Photo credit : Will Stuart (Flickr.com)

And the European skylark population dropped by nearly 50% over the last 30 years.

Photo credit : Brian McCombe (Flickr.com)

Photo credit : theguardian.com

If you want to read more about why bird populations are declining, then check out Exeter University’s web site for all the details concerning their study.