Happy Dogs – Part I

Dogs are amazing creatures, and they are really good at learning human facial cues. Which is why dogs are such great companions. Last year research even showed that there may be a scientific reason for their apparent ability to read our emotions.

Whether dogs are just eager to make us happy, or perhaps there is some evolutionary reason for their willingness to please us remains open to debate.

Either way lets see some happy dogs!

Credit : breakfastatsniffanys.ca

Credit : cutestpaw.com

Credit : hd-wallpapersdownload.com

Credit : blog.newunivera.com

Credit : onegreenplanet.org

4 thoughts on “Happy Dogs – Part I

  1. Jake

    Happy dogs are the best!
    Mine is always in a great mood and makes sure I’m feeling ok too, having a dog is so helpful for that.

  2. mary

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  3. Janni

    Isn’t it funny how seeing a happy dog can make one feel so much better? ;D I love seeing my dogs running around and playing, and I wish someone would pay me to just watch dog and have fun and be happy! Haha


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