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The Most Popular Dogs In The UK – Part I

A survey of UK-based dog lovers has revealed the most popular dog breeds in the UK. The following dogs were found to be amongst the most popular :

Labrador Retriever

Credit : allpaws.com


Credit : dodogs.website

German Shepherd

Credit : hdwallpapersnew.net

Border Collie

Credit : wall.alphacoders.com

Yorkshire Terrier

Credit : hdwallpapersact.com

The next 5 on the list will follow shortly. What is interesting to note is that 80% of the most popular dogs are actually British dogs. It seems that the Brits do favour their own dog breeds above others. Almost half of the people participating in the survey preferred quiet dogs. Loyalty and cuteness were major factors in deciding what kind of dog to take into their home. Men seem to have a preference for larger dogs, women for smaller dogs. A majority of dog owners want to become good friends with their dogs, which is good to hear!