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Silly Cat Memes

It is well known that Internet users are fascinated by photos of cats. Many cat-related memes have been created. Here are a few popular ones, and perhaps some that you haven’t seen before.

Photo : Blurrent (http://www.blurrent.com)

Photo : Loved Cats (http://www.lovedcats.com)

Photo : Funny Meme (http://www.funnymeme.com)

Photo : Laugh Spark (http://www.laughspark.com)

Photo : Imgkid (http://www.imgkid.com)

Photo : I Like Talking (http://www.iliketalking.com)

If you have any silly cat memes that you want to share let us know in the comments!

Keeping Your Pets Cool During Summer

It is Summer. As temperatures rise in the Northern Hemisphere, it is time to look at preparing your pets for the warmer weather. In general pets usually like sunny weather, but it is a good idea to ensure they drink plenty of water, and they don’t spend all day in the Sun.

Photo : Shelovesglam (http://www.shelovesglam.com)

Since pets are much smaller than humans they are more susceptible to heatstroke. Keep an eye on your pets during hot weather, they may need some cooling.

Sadly we have heard of parents leaving their children in cars while they go shopping during hot days. The same occasionally happens to dogs. If you are planning to take your dog with you during a shopping spree, then don’t leave him or her in the car even if it’s just for a few minutes. Temperatures can increase rapidly, and this can cause dangerous situations for your dog!

Is your pet panting more than usual? Or is it collapsing? Then perhaps you can lower their temperature by wrapping wet cool (not frozen) towels around them. Try keeping them out of the Sun during afternoon hours. Also make sure you remove leftover food as soon as possible during hot days – or it will attract all kinds of nasty insects.

If you are going to travel try travelling during the coolest hours of the day, and keep windows open just enough for fresh air to enter the vehicle.

Enjoy the Summer with your pets!

Laughing Cats

Didn’t think cats could actually.. laugh? Well here are some photos to prove that they do have the ability to laugh. Though I wonder if some of these photos have had the Photoshop treatment, there are a few that do not look very natural!

Photo : Stuff Point (http://www.stuffpoint.com)

Photo : Blogspot (http://galeqmorelocks.blogspot.com)

Nothing fake about this one.

Photo : Ghulmil (http://www.ghulmil.com)

Photo : X Desktop Wallpapers (http://xdesktopwallpapers.com)

Photo : Catnip Daily (http://www.catnipdaily.com)