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The Bengal Cat

If you’re looking for a cat that hasn’t lost its wild looks, then perhaps you should
take a look at the Bengal cat. They still look like badasses. And unlike many other cat breeds, the Bengal doesn’t mind taking a swim if it feels like it. In general, the Bengal cat is an energetic creature with a healthy dose of curiosity.

Credit : purrfectcatbreeds.com

You can see how related the Bengal cat is to its ancestor, the Asian leopard cat. Some people describe the Bengal as a miniature leopard, and they have a point.

Credit : bengalcatworld.com

The Bengal is actually a hybrid of a domestic cat and a leopard cat. It took quite a few generations before the Bengal cat was properly domesticated. At that point it has lost a large part of its wild temperament, and made it suitable as a pet.

Credit : purrfectcatbreeds.com

Credit : petasu.com

Credit : charcoalbengalcats.com