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Keeping Your Pets Cool During Summer

It is Summer. As temperatures rise in the Northern Hemisphere, it is time to look at preparing your pets for the warmer weather. In general pets usually like sunny weather, but it is a good idea to ensure they drink plenty of water, and they don’t spend all day in the Sun.

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Since pets are much smaller than humans they are more susceptible to heatstroke. Keep an eye on your pets during hot weather, they may need some cooling.

Sadly we have heard of parents leaving their children in cars while they go shopping during hot days. The same occasionally happens to dogs. If you are planning to take your dog with you during a shopping spree, then don’t leave him or her in the car even if it’s just for a few minutes. Temperatures can increase rapidly, and this can cause dangerous situations for your dog!

Is your pet panting more than usual? Or is it collapsing? Then perhaps you can lower their temperature by wrapping wet cool (not frozen) towels around them. Try keeping them out of the Sun during afternoon hours. Also make sure you remove leftover food as soon as possible during hot days – or it will attract all kinds of nasty insects.

If you are going to travel try travelling during the coolest hours of the day, and keep windows open just enough for fresh air to enter the vehicle.

Enjoy the Summer with your pets!

Large Dog Breeds Part I

Large dogs can be great pets. Some of them are friendly giants, others are excellent guard dogs that will protect your loved ones and possessions. This list isn’t exhaustive, but it does give you an idea of what kind of dog breeds you need to be on the look out for.

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The Polish Greyhound is between 70 and 80 cm in height.

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Adult male Bernese Mountain dogs can reach a height of 70 cm.

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Great guard dog, fully grown about 70 cm in height.

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Also known as the Bulgarian Shepherd Dog. Maximum height : about 75 cm.

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As its name implies, the Great Dane is a large German breed. The tallest Great Dane, Zeus, had a height of 112 cm, it died at the age of 5 last year.

Miniature Pugs

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Miniature pugs are cute small dogs that originated in China. Their coat is smooth, fine and somewhat glossy. They are quite active dogs, exhibiting playfulness and are usually extrovert in their interactions. In general the miniature pug is a great companion for children, and often gets along just fine with other pets.

They do shed a lot of hair, and you will end up with fur all over your house. Taking good care of their fur is very important. Hence brushing several times a week is recommended. If you really can’t stand dog hair being left behind as your small hairy friend walks around the house, then you should seriously reconsider whether a miniature pug is the right choice for you! Perhaps a breed that doesn’t shed that much is more suitable?

Another issue that must be discussed is the health problems that affect pugs. On average they do require a bit more care. Thus one should keep in mind that veterinary costs could be higher than other breeds.

We are not trying to discourage you from getting a pug, but we do feel that discussing potential issues honestly is better for the future dog owner, and the dog.

If you really want a dog that thrives whenever it is in the vicinity of humans, then the miniature pug certainly is a good choice. It could be described as “clingy”, and it was actually bred that way. Also, if you spend most of your time indoors then the pug will be an excellent choice – they prefer the indoors.

The Golden Retriever

One of my favourite dogs is the Golden Retriever. Its pale to dark golden coat, and its lovely face make this one of the better looking dog species. It is also an intelligent dog, and loyal to its owner. Keeping the coat in good condition will require the occasional maintenance, and it is a dog that does need regular exercise. In return, however, you will get a friendly, and entertaining, companion.

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Unfortunately the species does suffer from several hereditary conditions such as Hip Dysplasia. This condition affects the hip socket, and can lead to arthritis of the joints.

The Golden Retriever remains one of the most popular dogs in the world. Because of its intelligence a Golden Retriever will be able to perform many roles. Beware that as a guard dog it is not very effective, the dog simply is too friendly for that.

Here are some more photos of these wonderful beasts :

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