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Fluffy Dogs

Fluffy dogs are, for obvious reasons, popular as pets. There are several fluffy dog breeds that are great pets. The Keeshond is one example, if you like loads of hair on your dogs then this breed will make you a happy person. The Samoyed has a fluffy and dense undercoat, they require frequent brushing though to keep in good shape. Pekingese dogs are certainly fluffy, but their thick coat does require regular inspection since many parasites love hiding underneath it! If you prefer larger dogs, then check out the Tibetan Mastiff. This beast has a beautiful full coat, but beware – it needs plenty of maintenance as well.

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I know this blog is supposed to be mostly about pets, and tigers certainly aren’t pets, but look at these magnificent creatures. They are elegant, and extremely deadly!

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Going for a morning swim? Did you know that tigers are one of the few big cats that are quite good swimmers? Tigers head for the water during a warm day to cool off, but they also play in the water when young.

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Tigers come in different sizes. The largest is the Siberian tiger which can grow to be 3.5 metres in length and weighing more than 300 kilograms. References to a Siberian tiger weighing 385 kilograms have been found in literature, but these claims can not be verified. Sadly, the Siberian tiger is an endangered species.

Black Horses

Humans and horses have worked together for over 6000 years. And about 4000 years ago there was a marked increase in horse populations in the vicinity of human settlements. The horse is a majestic creature that has an average lifespan of 30 years.

Personally I think black horses are the most beautiful, so here are a few photos of some of these impressive beasts :

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Did you know that adult horses can eat up to 11 kilograms of food per day?

Have a good weekend!

10 Beautiful Birds – Part I

This is a small list of 10 beautiful birds, in no particular order. Some are quite rare, while others can be found in many places in Europe and North America.

Painted Bunting

Latin name : Passerina ciris

Mostly found in the south of the United States, and in northern Mexico. Currently facing threats due to a loss of natural habitat.

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Blue Jay

Latin name : Cyanocitta cristata

Stable population, can be found in most of the United States, and in southern Canada.

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Scarlet Tanager

Latin name : Piranga olivacea

Not easy to find, they usually remain near the tops of trees. Medium-sized song bird, found in the eastern United States, and during the winter in South America.

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Gouldian Finch

Latin name : Erythrura gouldiae

Northern Australia is a well known location for these rather small birds. Their nests are often located no more than 1 km from a water source.

Photo : Herman Tse (

Golden Pheasant

Latin name : Chrysolophus pictus

The adult male can be over 1 m in length. The females are not as long at about 60 to 80 cm. Originally from western China, small populations can now be found in England as well.

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(Common) Kingfisher

Latin name : Alcedo atthis

The Kingfisher can be found in most of Europe, India and China. The bird flies low over water at high speed, with its wings showing high frequency motion.

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Rainbow Lorikeet

Latin name : Trichoglossus moluccanus

Australian parrot. The species has also been introduced to New Zealand and Hong Kong. Visually, the male and female Rainbow Lorikeet are hard to distinguish.

Photo : Echidna Walkabout (

(Common) Peacock

Latin name : Pavo cristatus

It is hard not to include the Peacock, certainly one of the most beautiful creatures on Earth. Part of the pheasant family.

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Greater Striped Swallow

Latin name : Cecropis cucullata

A large swallow that mostly breeds in the south of the African continent. It prefers dry land, hills and mountains. Its diet consists of insects, and the occassional small fruits.

Photo : Linda de Volder (

Inca Tern

Latin name : Larosterna inca

Yes, that is a real moustache. The Inca tern breeds in coastal areas, prefering rocky cliffs and sandy beaches. It is most commonly found on the east coast of South America.

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