The Parrot As Pet

When thinking about pets, parrots are probably not the first that come to mind. The fact is that since the early 16th century the talking bird has been kept in UK households as a pet.

But the parrot as pet goes back much further. Ancient Roman sources show that the green Indian parrot was considered a fascinating pet, one that was most cherished for its ability to imitate the human voice. They were also praised for their learning aptitude by Roman intellectuals such as Apuleius. Although their propensity to repeat vulgar words was less appreciated.

Parrots require feeding at least once a day. Fresh fruit and vegetables keep the parrot healthy, and happy. Many types of food that humans eat can also be consumed by the parrot. However, do not feed your new pet chocolate or avocado – this can lead to fatality.

When you are ready to purchase a parrot make sure you only select the healthy ones. A good pet shop should only offer healthy birds, but it is worth inspecting the parrot closely to avoid health problems at a later stage. A healthy parrot’s feathers are kept tight against its body, the bird is lively and its eyes are bright. The males and females are identical in many parrot species.

An important thing to consider is that parrots can reach ages that rival an average human. You must be prepared to potentially spend the rest of your life in the company of your new parrot.

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