The Golden Retriever

One of my favourite dogs is the Golden Retriever. Its pale to dark golden coat, and its lovely face make this one of the better looking dog species. It is also an intelligent dog, and loyal to its owner. Keeping the coat in good condition will require the occasional maintenance, and it is a dog that does need regular exercise. In return, however, you will get a friendly, and entertaining, companion.

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Unfortunately the species does suffer from several hereditary conditions such as Hip Dysplasia. This condition affects the hip socket, and can lead to arthritis of the joints.

The Golden Retriever remains one of the most popular dogs in the world. Because of its intelligence a Golden Retriever will be able to perform many roles. Beware that as a guard dog it is not very effective, the dog simply is too friendly for that.

Here are some more photos of these wonderful beasts :

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