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The most Rare and Endangered Breeds of Dogs

Dogs – amazing creatures. One of the few animals who feel a lot better next to a man, than without it. They are our true friends, companions, guards, guide, rescue workers, fellow hunters and pets. They are so different, both appearance and character, that sometimes it is impossible to believe in their relationship. However, the genome the set of hereditary material) in dogs of all breeds is identical to the 99.85%. The balance of 0.15% and provides all the variety of species that exist in nature. What are the most rare and are on the verge of extinction?

Norwegian elkhaund

Launched in Norway in 1877 and beyond is extremely rare. Elkhaunda used in the hunt for moose, which confirms its name – translated from the Norwegian elghund means “elk dog.” In Norwegian elkhaunda unique tactic – to hunt down and drove the animal, he dodges attacks and constantly barks to moose did not run away before the arrival of the hunter. In addition, the Norwegian elkhaundov used for hunting large animals (lynx, wolf, bear), and small game, but now in Norway, are less willing to hunt. The number of dogs of this breed reaches about 4000.


Birthplace of the breed, known since the beginning of the XIX century, the Dutch province of Friesland. It is believed that stabihon was created by crossing a dog with drentskoy kurapatochnoy spaniel, imported to the Netherlands by the Spaniards in XVI – XVII centuries. Stabihon a good bloodhound c perfect sense. It also copes with the duties of a watchman. Number of dogs is not more than 3500 individuals.

Thai Ridgeback

It is an ancient breed. Its origin goes back to the very origins of domestication of wild ancestors of dogs. The earliest evidence of domestication of wolves suggests that the first domesticated dogs were subjected to intense primitive artificial selection. The main criteria for selection were the ability to hunt, protect and defend. Thus, the Thai Ridgeback was used mainly for hunting tapirs, wild boars, deer, martens, badgers, mongooses and other animals, as well as to protect homes from snakes. Later, he began to accompany the cart, protecting the owner and his property. Due to the isolation of remote areas of Thailand, the Thai Ridgeback has retained its original form until now. Thai Ridgeback – a very good companion. His physical abilities allow him to engage in any “dog work” in the company’s owner. Number of individuals is not precisely determined, but does not exceed several thousand.

Norwegian lundehund

This breed is descended from the islands of Varus and Growth in the north of Norway. For centuries, these dogs were isolated and used for hunting Atlantic puffins (now the hunting of these birds is prohibited.) By the nature of a sensitive, temperamental, affectionate dog, suspicious of strangers. The number of species in the world – 2000 individuals, most of them living in Norway.


Hungarian herding dog. Very brave and energetic, so is suitable for managing large herds. Sometimes these dogs go wild boar. Moody is also an excellent guard dog and companion. They are used to detect drugs in the rescue services. Unfortunately, their numbers drop significantly. Now they are no more than 2000.


large dog with a stiff hair and big, expressive face. It was originally bred for hunting, so has a strong and sturdy body, long muscular legs, which allows it to perform heavy work. Otterhaundy weigh from 36 to 54 pounds. This dog has a great scent, which makes it a good hunter on the trail. Very friendly, with a special otterhaundov sonorous voice, which they sometimes use very often. Now the world is only about 1000 oterhaundov, about 350 of them – live in the United States. Even at the beginning of the XX century. When hunting otters were the most popular otterhaundy were scarce. Now they are among the most rare and endangered breeds of dogs.

Karolinskaya dog

A related dingo wild dog of the south-eastern United States. First detected in South Carolina, USA. Where did the dog Karolinskaya It is not known – perhaps it is a wild animal, possibly re-feral (like a dingo) breeds of domestic dogs. Today, a number of enthusiasts keep the dogs caught Caroline in captivity. But even in the wild dog is very friendly Karolinskaya with interest the person. It is weaker and slower than many breeds of domestic dogs, but more flexible and agile. The number does not exceed several hundred.

Sanmigelskaya Shepherd

This is a dog with the Azores, they number less than 80 individuals. It is large but not oversized, with a maximum of 60 cm at the withers and 35 kg in weight. The Portuguese who settled in the Azores in 1439, used this breed as herders and guards.

American hairless terrier

For the first time the puppy breed of the future was born in 1972 in the “family” rat terriers. Hairless terrier puppies without exception, are born in a soft, short hair, but by 12.7 weeks of the puppy loses coat, and remains for life without him. Of course, such an animal in need of special care. The dog should be protected from direct sunlight by using sunscreens or special clothing. In severe frosts necessarily need to wear an animal in a warm overalls and use warm shoes. Today, there are at least 70 dogs of this breed.


Withdrawn in 1963. This service dogs that can move quickly and carry heavy loads. Their height at the withers – 54-68 cm, weight – 28-42 kg, and color – a golden-yellow. Chinook – the most rare breed of dog in the world at the time of maximum popularity was no more than 300 Chinook in 1966 – no more than 125 in 1978 – 28. At the moment, their number, despite the rise in popularity, it remains very small. Since 2009, the breed is a symbol of New Hampshire, USA.


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