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Dogs Need Plenty Of Exercise

If you do not take your dog out for exercise every now and then you may notice that he/she becomes restless. Puppies and young dogs especially have bucket loads of energy that they need to spend at some point. Eventually they may start using their energy to “refurbish” your interior, or their barking increases significantly.

And the answer to such behaviour usually is exercise. Some dog breeds do indeed need more exercise than others, but in general regular exercise is good for every dog (and human too!). A dog’s age, breed, and personality are the defining characteristics when it comes to determining how much exercise they need.

In general, if you can get your dog about 30 minutes of reasonably high-intensity exercise you are doing a good job. How many times a week? Probably daily, if possible. Do note that the activities your dog undertakes inside the house may not be enough. If the weather is too cold or hot then it is inadvisable to take your dog for a brisk walk. Instead you could stay indoors and teach it new tricks, or throw around some toys. A mix of physical and mental exercises keeps your dog happy and helps improve their well-being considerably.

Many dogs have favourite spots in the neighbourhood in which they reside, they found these during walks. They love checking them regularly, so take them there a few times a week. There are many other ways to get your dog some exercise, and the health benefits are numerous – so well worth the effort.