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10 of the most Aggressive Dog Breeds

Any dog ​​can bite. This is a fact. However, some dogs will make it more likely than the rest. Maybe this sounds like a surprise, but the most aggressive breed of dog – it’s not necessarily the most dangerous breed. In fact, the present dangerous dogs less aggressive. Below is a ranking of the 10 most aggressive dog breeds in the world.


Doberman has an undeserved bad reputation, but in recent times, this negative image is gradually melting due to the fact that many people give birth to this dog as a pet, so its traditional role of watchdog takes a back seat. However, Dobermans are not accidentally used as guard dogs. Dobermans – good defenders of their owners and instinctively know when the boss is really in danger. But Dobermans can be aggressive toward other dogs or strangers, so what’s behind them to follow closely.


Cockers are one of the most beloved family pets. They are well protected hosts, but not so much as to call them aggressive. Nevertheless, Cocker Spaniels were in the top ten due to a genetic disease: some dogs of this breed are prone to “rage syndromes.” This disease is very dangerous and lead to sudden attacks by dogs on their owners. If spaniel developing the disease, the only way out, unfortunately, to euthanize the animal.


This decorative style dog is actually very hard bites! Papillons are particularly aggressive toward children, because very quickly irritated and will not tolerate any bullying. In addition, papillons owners and actively protect their owners that may lead to an attack by outsiders.


While fans of the breed is often praised nature, gentleness and friendliness of the pit bulls, one can not deny that there are still pit bulls aggressive instincts. Although the family pit bull can be non-aggressive dog towards other dogs and strangers, he may exhibit strong aggression. It is believed that the dog can distinguish friends from enemies, but, nevertheless, small animals (cats and rabbits) are their prey, and this should not be forgotten. If you are an experienced dog owner, and are determined to make this dog, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Chow Chow look attractive and sweet. But this is not the case. Adult Chow does not apply to dogs who can be trusted, especially when it comes to children and strangers: they are very irritable, and their right to food proves aggressiveness. In addition, they are by nature good defenders and will not allow anyone to come to their owners or to its territory. You may be surprised to see chow-chow on the list, but the truth is that they are still one of the most aggressive dog breeds in the world.


Rottweiler – one of the most popular breeds in the world. These four-legged – a really amazing dog. However, it should be borne in mind that the Rottweiler can be aggressive towards other dogs, but because of its strength, it can sometimes lead to unpleasant consequences. Moreover, the Rottweiler desperately defends his master, and it can manifest itself in aggression towards strangers, if the dog feels that its owner is in danger.

7.Giant Schnauzer

Not only that Giant Schnauzer aggressive especially towards other dogs, but also to strangers, too, it is also quite large dogs, making them twice as dangerous any of the above breeds! Moreover, this requires a special breed of service dressirovkm, and, therefore, it needs a special control. Because of its large size and the loud barking scary s considered to be good guard dogs.

8.Jack Russell Terrier

Small breed its small size make up the aggressiveness. Third in the list of the most aggressive dogs in the world has become another “toy” dog, not a pit bull or bulldog as expected. Jack Russell terrier is a terrier … and that says it all: Terriers do not tolerate abuse and will fiercely resist. So watch out for children who can play pretty brutal with four-legged pets.


In second place is another breed that one can hardly be taken seriously. When it comes to aggression, few can surpass the chihuahua dog. In fact, you are more likely to bite the chihuahua than a Doberman!


Surprise! According to a recent study, this small hunting dogs has been recognized as the most aggressive breed in the world. And despite the fact that the fee can not cause serious harm to humans, no matter how much or biting, this little monster is known for his hatred of strangers. As it turned out, one of the five dachshunds ever bitten a stranger in my life, and one of the 12 – attacking its own hos.

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